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Technology and Applications

Concise notes and more detailed "white papers" are available here on IBEX Trueview(TM) MAP technology and some of its applications - view via the links below.

IBEX's patented MAP technology is at the core of our means of obtaining materials information from X‑ray absorption images.  It is best explained in our IBEX Technology White Paper.

Overviews on medical imaging

Medical Technology Overview

Revealing more in Digital Radiography

Bone Mineral Density measurements

Gridless scatter correction for any body part

Cone-Beam CT

Detailed information in "White Papers"

IBEX MAP Technology including examples of applications areas

Digital Radiography

Gridless Imaging from any Digital Radiography system

Portable security inspection

Detecting bone fragments in meat products

Detecting plastic in chocolate

Detecting glass in glass jars of baby food